Nothing will ever be created if you stay in the same place and work or think in the same way as everyone else. Today’s business needs to embrace diversity in ideas, systems, and backgrounds in harmony with different people.

As a culture expert, Lincqord Inc. helps your team, by using Cultural Intelligence (CQ), to create a third organizational culture unique to your requirements.


Building an organization to leverage “difference”

How many companies in Japan can utilize individual “difference” in the workplace? Many companies often fail to value diversity in nationality, gender, age, personality, and educational/cultural background.

Lincqord Inc. helps these companies to find a solution for such issues and transform their organizations so that each employee can fully demonstrate his/her ability.

Targeted Solutions offered by Lincqord

Typical Business Solutions

Management of a monocultural organization

     ・Low growth-rate
     ・Loss of major clients
     ・Inefficient operation
     ・Lack of professional talents 

    ・No commitment from top management
    ・Obsolete vision
    ・Organizational silos
    ・Mismatched system for assessment

Management factors
・Low growth-rate
・Loss of major clients
・Inefficient operation
・Lack of professional talents…

General factors
・No commitment from top management
・Organizational silos
・Obsolete vision
・Organizational silos
・Mismatched system for assessment

Business Solutions offered by Lincqord

Management of a culturally diverse organization

・Motivation to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds
・Experience of working in culturally diverse environments
・Knowledge of culture diversity/Understanding of self-bias
・Multicultural talent management capability


Approach of Lincqord-Implementing Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the capability to function and relate effectively in culturally diverse situations. In the era of global management, CQ serves as a framework for thinking and acting as a leader in culturally diverse environments.

Low level of cultural intelligence means that …

You see the world only through your own lenses with a monocultural mindset. Such “cultural lenses” are unconsciously acquired as a child and have a strong influence on business decisions. Diversity means cost here.

High level of cultural intelligence means that…

You see the world not only through your own lenses but through other’s lenses with an intercultural mindset to embrace any difference. A leader with such capability can incorporate differences and create something new. Diversity means power here.

CQ is a capability that anyone can develop and enhance. Leading companies and organizations, such as Google, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Harvard University, and the US Army Special Forces, have adopted measures to develop the four competencies as shown on the right.

As a culture expert, Lincqord provides consulting services for organizations and professionals focusing on developing the four competencies of CQ, which consist of Drive/Knowledge/Strategy/Action.

Our Services|Human Resources Development/Organizational Development

Start of your Journey

When you encounter someone very different from yourself in age, size, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, religion, etc., it is natural to react with confusion. The unpleasant or uneasy feeling is likely caused by anxiety, fear, or lack of knowledge about that person, which may lead you to regard him/her as a nuisance. Rejecting the person as a nuisance who disturbs your harmony can make even you feel guilty about it.

Instead of labelling others, what you need is to realize that people are just “different,” and this difference can be valuable.

As a navigator of your journey, Lincqord gives you a feedback based on your CQ assessment results and helps you recognize your own bias and cultural tendencies. Through consultation, your coach will accompany you throughout the journey to nurture your strengths and help you become who you wish to be. This is the first step to adopt a new leadership style.

Self-realization and Team Dialogue

What you think is justice or common sense might not be the same for everyone else. We always see the world from our own perspective.
Being aware of your self-bias and how unique you are helps you realize the potential of your diverse team. With this realization, you are already on track for your journey.

Lincqord provides dialogue sessions for individual team members based on the Hofstede Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™. It serves as an opportunity to see yourself objectively and gain a broader perspective of the world. We will help facilitate a dialogue in your team so that small voices can be heard and your team’s potential can be fully recognized to achieve your goal.


Change in Business Communication

With an understanding of difference, we can begin to open our mind and start a dialogue. The process may sometimes end in failure or involve conflicts, but now you are aware that the underlying root cause is “difference”.
If you are to perform efficiently as an organization, you will need to change how you give directions or feedback and seek ideas from team members to deepen mutual understanding. Step by step, and little by little, harmony will be created.

Lincqord shows you how cultural differences have an influence on your management style and business communications. We provide perspective-taking, role-playing or simulation-based learning in a specific business context such as meetings or proposal negotiations with people from different cultural backgrounds. This will help develop your ability to apply and utilize the knowledge and methods of CQ in actual business scenarios.

Transformation of Organizational Culture and Individual Leadership Development

You have now realized the importance of embracing and utilizing difference. But how about other members in your team?

What is needed is a place for dialogue where all members can open up and speak their minds to recognize the potential of your team. You can encourage them to think together as a team about how to achieve goals and manage resources and what kind of leadership is required.

Lincqord facilitates dialogues through dialogue sessions and coaching, which helps to transform organizational culture and create a roadmap to achieve business goals. Each team member’s leadership skills will be simultaneously developed through personalized CQ coaching to enhance the CQ skills of current and future leaders.

Goal of your Journey

We are now at the stage where everyone can demonstrate his/her strengths and abilities towards the shared goals. To ensure that all the resources are fully utilized, an action plan needs to be established.

It is now possible to set the goals, make the schedules, and develop the skills effectively. It is time to make full use of your knowledge and skills and achieve the best performance ever.

Lincqord helps to create CQ action plan both for team and individual members through group work. We will accompany you on your journey and tailor the plans to your needs by reviewing how such actions can be applied and implemented in actual business scenarios.
Changes and discoveries during the journey will be summarized in a Journey Report which visualizes the “Before”, “As-is” and “To-be” processes of your team and team members.

Managing Partner, Co-Founder
CEO, Co-Founder
The meaning behind “Lincqord”

The name “Lincqord” is a combination of “Linkage”, “CQ” and “Chord”. Through Cultural Intelligence, we aim to link the heart chords of people from diverse cultural backgrounds and bring about harmony in different cultures.

The logo in contrasting colors shows our mission to value “Difference”.

Company Profile


Lincqord Inc.


Yukari Ishii


January 2022


Consulting, Coaching and Training for organizational development and human resource development


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